Enterprise Taxis provides a private hire facility through our Enterprise Taxis website & mobile phone applications. Registering with Enterprise Taxis on our website or through a mobile phone application a user may book a taxi using location based technology on our website or mobile phone. We will use the location services of your network operator to help identify your approximate location, then you will be asked to confirm that the pickup location that has been identified is correct. It is the sole responsibility of the user to amend that address or location if it isn’t correct.

The service is being provided to you under these terms and conditions and any operating rules, policies, and procedures as published on our website and, or as informed by Enterprise Taxis and, or its members.

By using the service you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions found herein. If you do not accept all of these terms and conditions, do not continue to use the service.


We cannot guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free. Use of the services is done so entirely at one’s own risk and discretion. We assume no responsibility or liability for any services provided. Enterprise taxis does not guarantee the availability of a taxi at any time, nor the availability service. Enterprise Taxis make no guarantee as to the accuracy, content, timeliness, completeness, legality, reliability, quality or suitability of any information, advice, content, service, search results, products or merchandise provided through us. We make no guarantees, and will not be held liable for any information, advice, products, services, adverts or links of third parties. Users are advised to satisfy themselves as to the exact type and nature of goods or services being offered or qualifications held by those persons, companies and other organisations whose goods or services may be displayed or referred to by Enterprise taxis.

Making Reservations by Mobile Phone or Web

By sending us or requesting a taxi booking through a phone portal or application (or any other mobile technology) you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions herein.

You further acknowledge that you are only entitled to use the information received for your own personal use. Intellectual Property Rights subsist in information that may be sent to you and may not be redistributed, broadcasted, retransmitted, stored or made a compilation of. All rights reserved.

You recognize that mobile services may, from time to time, be adversely affected by events outside our control and that we will not be held liable for any error in, or delay in, or failure in transmission of the services.

Our mobile services are subject to the limitations of the enabling technology on which they are reliant and may be adversely affected by network performance and other operational factors beyond our control, including without limitation, congestion, network coverage, dropped connections, the performance of your mobile phone and the maintenance of secure network connections. We can accept no responsibility if you do not receive your booking confirmation or services for any of these reasons.

Furthermore we will not be liable to you in any way for failures, defects or delays in the delivery of aforementioned booking confirmation or services which are caused by one or more of the following reasons: provision of an incorrect phone number before submitting the request, your mobile phone does not support such services, message inbox is full, mobile phone is out of range or un-contactable for some other reason, or you erase the information sent to you.

Changes to the service

Enterprise Taxis reserve the right, without liability, to change or discontinue any part of the service, temporarily or permanently, at any time. We aim to always give the maximum amount of notice of such changes or discontinuance as is practicable in the circumstances. Notice of any changes to the service will be made available on our website or informed to users by us.

Amendments to these terms and conditions

Enterprise Taxis may from time to time change these terms and conditions. Notice of any changes to these terms and conditions will be made available on our website. Any changes become effective immediately after they are made available on our website or informed to users by us. Any use of the service occurring after such date is subject to the amendments. Your continued use of the service after such date constitutes your acknowledgement of the terms and conditions, their modifications and your agreement to abide by and be bound by the agreement, as amended.


You agree that by booking a private hire vehicle through Enterprise Taxis that you have made a verbal contract with the driver. You agree to meet the driver at the appointed location, make the journey as booked and pay the full and correct fare. We reserve the right to bar users that abuse the use of the service.


You acknowledge that your use of Enterprise Taxis website & applications, constitutes an agreement between you and us and bears no responsibility or liability to Enterprise Taxis

We will not accept liability for any damages, including, without limitation, indirect or consequential damages, loss of profits, use of data or any damages whatsoever arising out of, or in connection with the use or inability to use the service or website. Enterprise Taxis makes no representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever that the server behind this website is free of viruses or other components that may infect, harm, or cause damage to your computer equipment or any other property when you access, browse, download from, or otherwise use the site. You acknowledge that standard terms and conditions apply between you and the taxi driver or as set out by that company. We are unable to ensure or guarantee the security of any information transmitted over the Internet. Any information or data which you transmit to or receive by using our website is done at your own risk and Enterprise Taxis cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages or injury that may result from transmitting such information.

Contact Information

You can contact Enterprise about any problems or questions about our terms and conditions, website or use of the service. Please contact us at patrick.humphrey@enterpriseprivatehire.com or write to us at Enterprise Taxis, Unit 11 Drayton Industrial Estate, Taverham Road, Drayton NR8 6RL.


1. These terms & conditions only apply to the user when they submit correct and truthful details as requested on Enterprise Taxis website or through a mobile phone device whereby the user is then permitted to use our service and software.

2. We offer the user a service and the software required to provide the service. Enterprise Taxis will supply details provided to enable our taxi drivers to receive a booking and to communicate with you on that basis. This information will contain the users pick up location and associated data (not mobile phone number) and the user in turn will also receive relevant data about the taxi & driver that will pick them up.

3. With respect to using the Internet – the technical requirements, configuration and performance of the terminal to use the application including any necessary software are at the user’s responsibility and cost.

4. The supply of a taxi by Enterprise Taxis is free and incurs no additional charge to the user above regulatory charges (including pick up charges) and fares. Any charges incurred through use of our applications (such as network charges etc.) or our website are the user’s sole responsibility.

5. By ordering a taxi (mobile applications or website or any other method) the user agrees to use the service and to pay all relevant fares. The settlement of which will be bound by the terms & conditions of use between the taxi and the user.

6. By agreeing to these terms & conditions you – and anyone else using your account - agree to adhere to them and to be bound by them.

7. To enable us to meet your requirements efficiently we require at least 24 hour's notice. However if the booking is of an immediate nature, we will try to accommodate but not guarantee the booking according to our availability.

8. No alcohol will be permitted ' inside' the vehicle at any time under any circumstances. All alcohol transported must be stowed in the exterior luggage compartment. Should the vehicle require valeting due to negligence or alcohol illness a charge will be made of £80.00 for cars and £90.00 for minibuses to cover cost of cleaning and subsequent loss of earnings.

9. Smoking is against the law in the UK and is not permitted in or around the vehicles.

10. The company reserve the right to decline any bookings and to request any passenger to leave the vehicle if it deems his/her conduct to be incompatible to the comfort of the other passengers, or the driver.

11. Unless otherwise instructed by the passenger, routes traveled will be at the drivers discretion, in accordance with road, traffic and weather conditions, whether the route is the shortest or not. No price alteration to the hirer will be made if the route adopted is not actually the shortest. Neither the company nor its agents or employees will be responsible for any delay howsoever caused.

12. Every endeavour is made to provide the type of vehicle that is requested, however, no liability will be accepted if this is not possible. An alternative vehicle of similar specification will be supplied in this event. We reserve the right to supply a Higher specification vehicle, including those of other Broadland licenced operators, than the one ordered. No additional charge will be levied provided that the extra seats or facilities or capacity are unused.

13. The carriage of luggage is entirely at the owner's risk, the Company will not be held responsible for any damage to, or loss of personal property carried within the luggage area or within the passenger area of the vehicle. Whilst we endeavour to estimate the amount of luggage transported on airport transfers, we are restricted on luggage compartments sizes. It is strictly forbidden to load luggage on passenger seats in a car for obvious safety reasons. Please note that the vehicle size does not necessarily equate with the number of persons carried.

14. Every endeavour is made for the faultless running of the vehicles, but no responsibility can be accepted for any breakdown whatsoever or any additional expense or loss incurred by the client/s or passenger/s thereafter. All vehicles are kept clean, but no liability can be accepted for clothing etc., being marked, stained or dirtied by road dirt, oil or grease from any part of the vehicles.

15. Any damage, breakages etc. to the vehicle upholstery, trimmings or seat belts will be the responsibly of the hirer who will be invoiced for the necessary repairs. All our vehicles are strictly NON SMOKING- offenders may be liable for a fine of up to £500.00 resulting from any damage.

16. All our vehicles are fitted with seat belts conforming to EU regulations, it is up to the hirer (not the driver) to ensure that seat belts are worn The Company will not be held responsible for any claims resulting from the non or misuse of seat belts.

17. All invoices are deemed correct if not queried within seven days and must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the journey. The company reserve the right to pursue outstanding sums owed through civil court.

18. Cancellation of booking will NOT incur any charges provided that the vehicle is cancelled prior to dispatch. Waiting time charges are based on 20p per minutes chargeable at the driver’s discretion after the first five minutes. All charges based on mileage and are charged to the last mile or part thereof.

19. If you have a problem or complaint it is essential that you inform the driver immediately, if you wish to make a formal complaint, please notify our office in writing no later than 7 days after your planned journey.

20. Individual amendments to these terms and conditions must be approved and underwritten by the directors of The Company.

21. Without prior notice: The Company reserves the right to amend, change, delete or add to these terms and conditions whenever necessary.

Amendment or Termination of Service

Enterprise Taxis reserve the right to further develop, improve or amend our website or mobile applications. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently stop its services without informing the individual but in the case of this situation arising will do its utmost to keep people informed through its’ website www.enterpriseprivatehire.com.


The user is not entitled to a permanent and uninterrupted availability of service. We undertake to achieve maximum levels of service and availability in the case of an interruption to service we aim to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Warrant & Liability

1. Enterprise Taxis cannot warrant that information is always accurate, complete and that it will reach the recipient in a timely fashion.

2. Where information or data is incorrect, incomplete or submitted late Enterprise taxis cannot be held liable or responsible.

3. If the application or submission of data through Enterprise Taxis causes damage or interruption to Enterprise Taxis services or any other software or hardware or loss of data then we cannot be held responsible or liable – the user is responsible for backing up any such information.

4. Enterprise Taxis will bear no liability for its driver or service in any form.

Obligation of the user

1. The user is committed to being truthful and sincere with respect to the personal data that they submit to Enterprise Taxis through our mobile applications or website and agree to use it in a truthful and legal way.

2. The user may use the applications or website as long as they agree not to wilfully cause any damage, interruption to service, congestion.

3. Enterprise Taxis reserve the right to exclude anyone from using our services permanently for any abuse of our service.

4. The users account is private and agrees to keep their username and password safe and not to disclose to any third parties. If this information is lost or in any way disclosed then the user has an obligation to inform us immediately.

5. Enterprise Taxis will not be held liable and is free from all claims for any third party damage that is caused to the user or their account through unauthorised access.